EF.0101 | Paranoia Department | Apparitions
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Across cryptic occult plots, disturbing soundscapes and esoteric accents it moves Paranoia Department, a project which creeps into dub-tinged techno and dusty abstract visions, engaging a psycho-sonic route which investigates undiscovered primitive universes, cerebral lifeforms and plagued landscapes, among morbose tribalisms and Lautréamont-esque surrealism - whose legendary figure Maldoror represents a strong conceptual input - relying on a sound which, whilst keeping tangible square-shaped forms, searches to innovate, dissect rules, break down dogmas, all without skimping collagistic vignettes and hazy references, ranging from 80s post-industrial to Demdike Stare hauntology and FSOL reverb-heavy sound magmas.

The project, divided into two chapters, proposes a colder, kick-driven, compact beginning which flirts with dub techno grounds, delays and subtlety, while closing in with an ambitious suite of mesmerising industrial hallucinations and unpleasant dronic miasmas. "Apparitions" is a delirum of reverb, quotes, visions. Produced between 2011 and 2012 @ Italy.

Paranoia Department is an underground entity providing dark, eclectic, forward-thinking electronic music. Despite the more or less precise identity of this incarnation, the overall creative output is quite variegate, ranging from raw housey sounds to crepuscular ambient, from experimental madness to DSP nonsense and melodic glitchtronica, along with other upcoming projects.

Esther Burns | 18ème Boudoir

Entropy Records showcase at:

December 14th, 2012 | 18:30pm

Vendredi 14 Décembre à 18h30

ESTHER BURNS est un projet musical de Philippe Sangara et Emmanuel Chagrot. Mélange d'instruments vintage, de collages, de sons d'ambiance et d'électronique, la musique d'Esther Burns puise son inspiration tant dans la musique (Erik Satie, Ennio Morriconne, Sylvain Chauveau, Tindersticks, Godspeed you ! black emperor, le Delta Blues, Earth) que dans la peinture (Léon Spilliaert, Félicien Rops, James Ensor, Edward Hopper, l'art brut), la littérature (Antonin Artaud, Charles Bukowski, Jack Spicer, Philip K. Dick, Jehan Rictus), la photographie (Sally Mann, Koudelka, Saul Leiter) ou le cinéma (Dziga Vertov, David Lynch, Kaurismäki, Bela Tarr).

Performance live inédite et visuels spécialement dédiés pour ce showcase chez Souffle Continu.


Le 18ème Boudoir est un duo composé de Philippe Lechat et Jacques Vautier à la croisée de l'ambient électronique du jazz et du classique. On retrouve les influences des différents projets parallèles du groupe dans la musique du 18ème boudoir, que ce soit les recherches sonores de Philippe à travers ses musiques pour : Inner Signal, Sky Lobby, Lipo, ou Jacques et le défunt groupe Rec Play fameux pour leur live machines/instruments.

La prestation live présentera ici un mélange entre instruments joués (piano, synthétiseur) et programings gardant une part à l'improvisation, à la complicité, au rêve.


Souffle Continu
20-22 rue Gerbier
75011 Paris (France)
M° Philippe Auguste
M° Voltaire

Esther Burns | The Genius Of The Crowd

Esther Burns | La Valeur Du Vide

18ème Boudoir | Le Cycle Des Lumières (Album 2xCD Collector)

EP.021 G.R.I.T. | Expanse (cv313 'Expansed Reprise') Purchase NOW!, click here...

Re-issue of the bonus disc previously included with EL.007 | G.R.I.T. | Expanse (The Remixes).

Micro-samples taken from all tracks on the Expanse album and re-processed by cv313 create this beautiful soundscape.

EP.004 Dzenis Mantsevich | Laws Of Energy Conservation Purchase NOW!, click here...

Dzenis Mantsevich has been creating electronic music for a number of years and alongside his production work, is also a Live Performance Artist, putting on shows of ambient and techno. His interest in music dates back to 2003, with nature, good people and the many sounds he'd previously heard being noted as his inspiration. His ethos, both in his musical work and life, is to attempt to reach a harmony in thoughts and ideas, serenity and balance.

ED.009 Machinefabriek | Elastiek Purchase NOW!, click here...

I had been thinking of making a long form static drone piece for quite some time, but I just wasn't patient enough to actually do it. It takes some effort to let a sound be, and not being tempted to manipulate it. Though I won't call my music very wild, the 20 minutes of 'Elastiek' are by far the most continuous I've done. And I think it's best to listen to not as a musical piece, but more as an ongoing 'state'. Oviously, there's not much action in the composition, but it's all in the details. The focuss gradually shifts from one frequency to another, causing slow, barely perceptable movements. When I stretched out the piano tone used in this work, I noticed that I was listening to it like I would listen to a refrigerator, or some air vent... not looking for progress in the audio, but diving into the sound, and focussing on different beating frequencies, timbres and tones that are to be found when listening closely. Like dissecting it under a microscope.

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