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Martin Nonstatic | Afterglow

Martin Nonstatic | Afterglow is an Entropy Digital EP.


1. Afterglow Part 1 | 06:59 
2. Endless | 07:31 
3. Afterglow Part 2 | 08:50 
Entropy Records Digital presents EF.0055:
Martin Nonstatic | Afterglow

Born in the Netherlands in`76, then living in Germany next to the electronic music city "cologne" for about 24 years.
As a child he was influenced early by musicians like Art of Noise, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze… After a few years, the range of his musical interests grew to new genre, becoming more in touch with technoid, indie, classical and jazzy sounds. His passion for changing and manipulating sounds with synths and other hardware began to emerge at the age of 18, which led him to slowly building up a small studio. He began building up his own tracks and live arrangements to perform regularly at live gigs, parties and clubs. In 2010, he began to focus more on releasing his own ambient-dubtechno and electronica influenced tracks which found an audience and following via internet sharing and involvement with several labels. And here it is that we find him… at the point of no return. And he feels pretty good with that!

The Ep "Afterglow" was conceived during a video/sound session named "duoluxe" at the beginning of 2011. Editing sounds in realtime, influenced by video/artworks(like glow effects) was a special and new experience, and a good way to combine my heart and head together in the same direction, touching the roots of the Afterglow tracks..

The track "Endless" was intended to bring balance within the ep, with straight, slow dubtechno. This particular track contains sounds patched with my first ever synthesisers, the Korg Wavestion and Microwave XT.

EF.0055 is an Entropy Records Digital release.

Produced by Martin Van Rossum.

Mastered by Alexandre Lehmann.
Cover design by David Ya & Axs.
Photography by Gretchen.

Thank you for listening this compilation
and supporting independent labels and artists.

Made in Paris, France (c) + (p) 2012 by Entropy Records

All rights reserved.

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  • Digital Release date: 2012-03-23

Full digital release:
2.97 €
 2,90 €
1. Afterglow Part 1 | 06:59 
2. Endless | 07:31 
3. Afterglow Part 2 | 08:50 

2012-05-22 | Review by "alternating_bit"
I don't know if Martin Nonstatic is new to the scene, but I haven't seen much out there by him, but after listening to "Afterglow" I'll say this... he better release more soon. "Afterglow Part 1" starts us off with a foreboding score laced with frantic percussive elements and warm pads. It actually reminds me of early Marko Furstenberg material. Great, solid track. "Endless" has an almost funky groove with it's swish-pan hi-hats and warbling chord hits. " Afterglow Part 2" is a great companion to Part 1. Slightly glitchier and more upbeat, it still paints a colorful mental image. I would love to hear an entire album by this fellow.


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