Jan Linton
Buddha Machine Music

Buddha Machine Music
is a mini CD-Audio (limited edition).


1. Mao Zhongruan | 00:52 
2. Maoduihuan Bla | 03:21 
3. B2 Dance (Wu Song) | 04:22 
4. Shengxiaozhong | 02:26 
5. Zhongruan Ceng Yu | 07:03 
6. Yang (Infinite Delay) | 03:58 

Entropy Records M-Series presents
EM.007: Jan Linton - Buddha Machine Music

Style: Ambient, Experimental, Post-Rock

EM.007 is a mini CD-Audio (pressed CD, not a CDr!)
Limited edition.

All tracks written and composed by
Jan Linton with the samples of FM3.
Produced and Arranged by Jan Linton
Additional synth on Maoduihuan Bla by Miao.

Mastering, CD Package and Booklet designed by David Ya.

"Really nice work! Easily one of the best buddha machine remix/inspired albums out there!" C.Virant, FM3.

Japan-based musician Jan Linton returns with his first extended-and non Japanese-release for several years, in cooperation with the makers of the Buddha Machine, FM3. Titled "Buddha Machine Music", it continues the experimental themes and ambient techniques from his collaborations with Leo Abrahams (better known as Eno's regular guitarist), Richard Barbieri (ex Japan), Beatsystem (Derek Pierce),and his academic work under Dr. Joseph Hyde. Prior to this he released several albums and singles in the avant rock vein, from major and cult labels in Japan.

This mini album takes the sounds from Buddha Machines 1 and 2, and morphs them into complete pieces or songs with surprising results, combining them with some live solos of ethinic instruments such as the Chinese Zhongruan, (or, "Moon Guitar"), played by Linton.
The first piece is the best example of this; "Mao Zhongruan" is an introduction to the marriage between Buddha Machine samples-themselves influenced by Chinese sounds- and the addition of a solo on a traditional Chinese instrument through electronics.

"Maoduihuan Bla" takes the same sample as the previous track, but pitches it so low it becomes a heavy sub bass line; the track suddenly becomes a virtual band workout with circuit bent drum machines and fretless basses.

"B2 Dance (Wu Song)" uses the shortest and on the face of it, least useable of the original Buddha Machine and through extreme gating, produces a glitch rhythm and catchy melody of vocal looping.
"Shengxiaozhong" suggests the slow-moving antiquity of dust blowing into Beijing, rusty guitars and sustained solos played by Linton over the top of intriguing oriental sounds.

"Zhongruan Ceng Yu" is the central piece, 7 minutes of duration it is a magnum opus of wobbling ethnic string instruments treated through an analog synth input, interdispersed with single notes on a piano, sustaining ethereally. The track builds in intensity, and ends ominously with a final playing of the piano loop on the Buddha Machine.

The final track "Yang (Infinite Delay)" as it's name suggests stretches out the one Buddha Machine sound it uses until it morphs into a piano, along the lines of Robert Henke's Buddha Machine remixes.

Mastered by David Ya, this is an excellent audio experience for anyone interested in the Buddha Machine, exotic sounds coming out of the Orient, or in the unique combination of both at the hands of one of Japan and China's most experienced, resident western musicians.

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Made in Paris, France (c) + (p) 2011 by Entropy Records

All rights reserved.
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  • Physical Release date: 2011-03-27
  • Mini CD audio (pressed) in a crystal DVD case.
  • Printed cover, inlay and logo card.
  • Album designed bookmark.
  • Hand-numbered.


 8,00 €
4,99 €

Limited to 500 copies.

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    • : FLAC is a compact lossless format (equivalent to WAVE or CD qualiy 44.1Khz, 16bits Stereo).
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  • Digital Release date: 2011-03-27

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1. Mao Zhongruan | 00:52 
2. Maoduihuan Bla | 03:21 
3. B2 Dance (Wu Song) | 04:22 
4. Shengxiaozhong | 02:26 
5. Zhongruan Ceng Yu | 07:03 
6. Yang (Infinite Delay) | 03:58 

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