Echochorus | Alley

Alley is 3'' Audio-CD.
Deluxe triangular 8 panels digisleeve.
Matt & 'spiral shape' varnish coating, black foam CD clip.


1. Alley | 10:36 
2. Skanstes Iela | 07:51 
3. Phobos-Grunt | 02:22 

Entropy Records "EP-Line" presents EP.011:

Echochorus | Alley

EP.011 credits:

Produced by Kirils Lomunovs.
Photography by Paul Takahashi: www.paultakahashi.com
Mastering & Package concept designed by David Ya.

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Expert sound designer and controllerist has been featured as a key figure of the Latvian electronic music scene for producing some of the most essential experimental electronic, ambient and techno music of the past years. In 1996 started improvisation on the old soviet synthesizers and effects, since 2001 experimented with stylistics of minimal and dub techno. As a Kriipis Tulo was involved in such experimental electronic music events as Jazz Giants:Past/Present Riga (2001), Sound Forest - festival of avant-garde music and video art (2003-2005) and also Pan Sonic (2002), Yoshio Machida (2003) and Phill Niblock (2004) live performances. In collaboration with Voldemars Johansons worked for an audio installation "Gaismas pils", inspired by the project of the Latvian New National Library of the same name and presented it on the Architectural biennial NEXT (Venice) and KIMAF 2002 (Kiev). In 2002 completed an EP entitled Ujuja (in Estonian means “swimming”).

At October 2004 participated @ MOKS Media Art Symposium in Estonia. In autumn 2005 created original soundtrack music for video installation "Exposed Paintings" for exhibition of one of the most popular Latvian painters Ritums Ivanovs. In 2005 as sound producer worked on a short film "Alise" (Director Asnate Ribena). In 2004-2006 as Kriipis Tulo collaborating with Luis Ortiz for remix projects on Sinergy-Networks . In 2006 founded Astrowind project and presented new soundtrack to the “Dreamers” – a new exhibition of Ritums Ivanovs in spring 2008. Astrowind released several significant albums which declared forward-loocking style – paleopsychedelic ambient. Essential Astrowind’s album “Kaidanovsky” published in Italy in 2012. Astrowind is a key line and the project simultaneous with EchoChorus activities managed by same person. From 2008 started performing as a DJ.
Tracks of this EP dedicated mainly to my hometown Riga and to the bike rides on the rainy days. Thus the name of the track Skanstes iela (i.e. Skanstes street) came.

At the end of 1990`s and beginning of 2000`s that was a long deserted street where you could reach the center of town fast on your bike. That street passed abandoned gardens and low-rise buildings and in some geographic point was quite close to a small bog. So that was some kind of abandoned place of the town that time. Monotony of this track should be taken as the soundprint of the cycle of repeating monotonous moves of the biker.

Track Alley was written under the impression of another place of Riga – big park which was settled instead of old cemetery (Rīgas Lielie kapi) in the Soviet times in the district of Senchu street (the name of street could be translated as The Street of the ancestors) and Hospitalu street (The Street of the Hospitals).

  • Physical Release date: 2012-06-04
  • 3'' Audio-CD (full colours glossy label).
  • Deluxe triangular 8 panels digisleeve (Matt & 'spiral shape' varnish coating, black foam CD clip).
  • High-Quality PVC sleeve.


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  • Digital Release date: 2012-06-07

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1. Alley | 10:36 
2. Skanstes Iela | 07:51 
3. Phobos-Grunt | 02:22 

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