Ekca Liena | Downer Supine

Downer Supine is 3'' Audio-CDr.
Limited edition to 100 copies in a special packaging.


1. Icenode
Downer Supine
| 22:57 
Entropy Records "Thought For The Day" presents ED.004:
Ekca Liena | Downer Supine

Ekca Liena is an alias of Daniel W J Mackenzie which concentrates on the celestial, melancholic and sometimes blissful side of ambient music. Over the range of his enchanting, mainly long-form compostions there is a clear influence from ritual psychedelic, noise, doom, post-rock and at times modern classical arrangement. His discography has seen work on a variety of labels including Dead Pilot, Small Doses and Entropy and with an enormous amount of material currently in the works this list is hoped to expand.

Downer Supine was produced with electric guitar, piano, voice and synths and provides an example of the spacier and trippier side of Ekca Liena's sound. Drawing it's character from early nineties ambient music and sitting in the depths of a analgesic, opioid drift, the three parts that make up this piece are slow moving, mysterious and contemplative.

ED.004 is a limited edition to 100 copies.

Produced by Daniel W J Mackenzie.
Photography by Alexandre Mazel.

Mastering and Package designed by David Ya.

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  • Physical Release date: 2011-11-14
  • Glossy postcard design.
  • 3'' Pro-Audio-CDr, orange clip.
  • High-Quality PVC sleeve.


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Limited to 100 copies.

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1. Icenode § Downer Supine § Landing | 22:57 

2011-11-15 | English review by "Mick Buckingham @ Fluid Radio"
“Orb Night”; “Sleep Paralysis”; “Absent Exterior”; “Slow Music For Rapid Eye Movement” – in Daniel W J Mackenzie’s past release pipework, an insulated theme of captured frost. Not what we thaw from in the approaching Winter, but glazed variables from which disturbance of sleep, or aching solemnity, all rear their heads as emotions…

“Downer Supine”, released 14th November 2011 in a highly limited CD-R edition of 100 copies, then digital download, as a 22 minute long-form piece from the Ambient, Electronica and Techno based Entropy label, and to probe right to the heart of the work: it seems Mackenzie is suggesting a composition, here split into three unabridged sections, that is both down and up, yin and yang, musical and amusical. How so? For the unaware, “supine” can mean one of two things. First, to lie on one’s back, face or front upward. Second, to be inactive, passive or inert, especially from indifference or indolence.

So for one, we have linguism associated with a downer, or it’s effects – where someone is verging on, at worst, manic depression. Then dovetailed with the meaning of “supine” itself, which is to try and improve a bad situation – an alleviating framework to gravitate. We’re often, in music greeted by asides such as band members having breakups, or heavy hearts as a result of loss – Danny Paul Grody, a comparable artist aesthetically to Liena, interviewed on Fluid Radio is case in point when The Drift’s saxophonist departed – the result was an upwards slope, difficult to exit from but awash with new hopes of another side to the coin.

But that’s just prelim talk. An episode of The Clangers is how “Downer…” begins, with “Icenode”‘s whistling synth automation, malfunctions in metre, oceanic drones paddling against the previous right-ear-channel communication. And there’s a glacial, tectonic gravitas to proceedings, like their lonely planet being burrowed into by Martians. Warmth of measures brush a definite coldness, sonically marinating hives of insectoid warblings in the title submission. Whereas “Landing” takes things prettier with piano tripping on key opium, then whisked aloft a Barn Owl-esque electric guitar drone, re-interpreting the opening three minutes’ chord progression, fashioning it towards Oneohtrix Point Never’s spacier outings.

Paradoxically unlike a downer, where the deeper you sink into comparisons with others, the more indistinct one experience becomes from the next, “Downer Supine” has it’s own meticulously crafted character, a “Thought For The Day” installment to Entropy where you actually question the necessity of drone being usually quite linear, dense or intense. Not everyone has to go Eliane Radigue or Eleh minimal to achieve sonorous eminence, and I found myself enchanted by the depth Mackenzie displayed, over what is less than an episode’s length of Oliver Postgate’s animation programmes. There’s a rarefied postulation from “Downer Supine”, possible whatever side of bed you wake up on: experimental drone lives – witness it. Come on, don’t get down on us now.

- Mick Buckingham for Fluid Radio

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