Herbstlaub | Remnants

Remnants is 3'' Audio-CDr.
Limited edition to 100 copies in a special packaging.


1. Remnants. I Kristine. I Vozvrashchenie.
These Moments. I These Thoughts
Wenn Man Thränen Schreiben Könnte (Kleist)
| 21:59 
Entropy Records "Thought For The Day" presents ED.005:
Herbstlaub | Remnants

Remnants of sounds, remnants of things or remnants of things already be lost.. All things get lost, eventually. "Remnants" (2012) isn't an attempt to get grip on this matter, trying to give it a second life or as you can state alternatively: trying to get lost the loss. On the contrary, this release is at the heart of the things which pass constant through us, as every moment renews itself - to become: a new one; to become becoming and to lose itself again, in itself. To make this process tangible harmonious parts are alternated with broken sounds, occasionally sustained with deep, tremblings evoking baselines. Repetitive parts are intensified with pure sounds until they get larger and larger, to eventually cut through you and resulting in an explicitly awareness and feeling of this moment. Music as the phenomenology of loss -to get renewed and to become rigid again- because also music must stop; once. Hence the loss.

Herbstlaub', a belgium ambient artist, sound can be described as warm, long stretched melancholic layers which resembles both something of an eternal loss as well the concealed joy of continuous recollecting. Normally he is somewhere inbetween the head and the hands, combining ambient spheres with intelligent beats, for example in his latest album 'The Streets Aren't For Dreaming Youth'. However for this release he totally disrobe himself of the beats and clicks to evoke a world which is dark, actually hardly to conceive a darker one, but pure at the same time. A world which is a witness of loss, and yet that you can experience over again in only 22 minutes.

Music made by Herbstlaub, november 2011
More information: www.federleicht.be
- The only thing we've learned from this day, is that we don't learn from it.

ED.005 is a limited edition to 100 copies.

Produced by Jens Vydt.
Photography by Jeroen Mylle.

Mastering and Package designed by David Ya.

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Made in Paris, France (c) + (p) 2012 by Entropy Records

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  • Physical Release date: 2012-03-23
  • Glossy postcard design.
  • 3'' Pro-Audio-CDr, blue foam cd clip.
  • High-Quality PVC sleeve.


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Limited to 100 copies.

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1. Remnants. I Kristine. I Vozvrashchenie. § These Moments. I These Thoughts § Wenn Man Thränen Schreiben Könnte (Kleist) | 21:59 

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