Coppice Halifax | Reflector

Reflector is an Audio-CDr.
Limited edition to 100 copies in a metal tin box.
CD is protected in a separate High-Quality PVC sleeve for transportation.


1. UT1 [A²] | 16:39 
2. UT2 [K²] | 18:07 
3. UT3 [M²] | 19:44 
4. UT4 [Y²] | 18:36 
Entropy Records /LP-Limited-Line/ presents EL.008:
Coppice Halifax | Reflector

Coppice Halifax is a Milieu side-project dedicated to Brian Grainger's interests in producing textural and melodic ambient techno. Having seen the CH name evolve through several different phases since 2006, from dense forestial overcompressed ambience to early 90's inspired braindance to airtight organic dub techno, Brian's full-length offering for Entropy comes in the form of the gaseous album Reflector. Four extended pieces consisting of pastoral dub chords, stretched out across a field of whirring textures and field recordings and blanketed under a bed of soft white noise, all the while being gently propelled along by minimal kick drums and barely-there percussion. Reflector echoes Brian's notions of dub techno reduced to a single humming chord and pulse, and clocks in at nearly 80 minutes, making it a deep atmosphere specifically designed to get lost in. These four pieces are themselves versions of tracks from an as-yet-unreleased Coppice Halifax album called Radians, although Reflector stands on its own as a stately weathered monument within the Halifaxian landscape.

EL.008 is a limited edition to 100 copies.

All tracks written, composed and mastered by
Brian Grainger.

Package concept designed by David Ya.

Thank you for buying this release
and supporting independent labels and artists.

Made in Paris, France (c) + (p) 2011 by Entropy Records

All rights reserved.
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  • Physical Release date: 2011-10-04
  • Deluxe tin box with softer plastic inner casing to house the CD.
  • Pro-Audio-CDr, grey CD painted with ultramarine drizzle.
  • CD is protected in a plastic Sleeve for transportation.
  • Full colour glossy sticker with info on the reverse.


 13,50 € 

Limited to 100 copies.

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    • : FLAC is a compact lossless format (equivalent to WAVE or CD qualiy 44.1Khz, 16bits Stereo).
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  • Digital Release date: 2011-10-04

Full digital release:
 8,99 €
1. UT1 [A²] | 16:39 
2. UT2 [K²] | 18:07 
3. UT3 [M²] | 19:44 
4. UT4 [Y²] | 18:36 

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