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Aepiel | Invisible Walls

  • Physical Release date: 2012-05-01
  • Style: Dub Techno
  • Label: Confineless
  • Catalog#: Confineless004
  • Limited to 100 copies.

Aepiel (Antony Felton) comes from Redditch Worcestershire,UK

Aepiel is a dub techno, ambient & experimental music project from the UK focusing on layered drum patterns, deep ambient textures & field recordings for productions and DJ sets His first release on CD is a 70min long nonstop CD-Album! All Tracks are connected with ambient parts or field recordings to each other.
We are glad that he has his first CD release with us. You will hear much more in the future of this man!
Mastered by Nicholas Barron @ Tenth Egg Studio


 12,90 € 

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